Catriona Rowntree’s secrets to looking fab on the go

Australia’s queen of travel, Catriona Rowntree, shares her tips for always looking and feeling her best while on the road (or in the air).

Upbeat and friendly, when Catriona Rowntree arrives in our studio for her photoshoot for The House of Wellness March liftout, she brings with her a positive energy.

Although she’s not long off a plane, Catriona talks easily, sharing stories of her travels, her family, and whatever else comes up with down-to-earth honesty.

While we’ve met to talk about her latest projects, she’s genuinely interested in the people around her and conversation flows freely.

“The great thing about travel is there’s always something to learn, there’s always stories to be shared, and I love sharing other people’s stories as well,” Catriona says.

Catriona has just released a new book, The Best of World Cruising, which is full of her tips for the best cruising holidays, along with interviews and contributions from industry experts and other passionate travelers including Sir Richard Branson and Wendy Wu.

This year marks Catriona’s 23rd year as a presenter on Channel Nine’s Getaway – a job that has allowed her to explore the world and many of its most fascinating places.

While her work days are long and often take her away from her two young sons, Andrew, 9, and Charlie, 7, and husband James – Catriona’s enthusiasm and passion for her work is as fervent as ever.

She admits juggling family life and a busy travel schedule can sometimes be tricky but over the years she’s learned what she needs to do to make sure she’s always on her game.

Here Catriona shares some of her favourite tips for living well:

Prioritise your health

“The only reason I get to have this life, this job, and outlook is because of my health,” Catriona says.

“You have to make your health a first priority, as a parent, as a friend, as a family member, as a work colleague. You are nothing if you don’t make your health a priority.

Everything in moderation

“I am someone who constantly has temptation thrown in my face,” she says.

“It would be really easy to indulge, but I like my job, and if I want to fit into my favourite clothes, I probably can’t have three courses for every meal, even though the option is there.

“I eat everything. I love to have a beautiful glass of wine. There’s pretty much nothing I will say no to, but I have to respect I’m an ‘everything in moderation’ kind of person.”

Find a fitness routine that fits

“I don’t have the sort of life where I can do netball on Tuesday. I love any kind of sport where I get to dress up – I love to go horseriding because I love the boots you get to wear,” says Catriona.

“I’m never going to make it to the gym, or yoga, but I do have to shower every day so that’s when I do five-10 minutes of basic exercises and that seems to keep me in my favourite jeans.

“I find standing on the scales – that number has the power to make or break my day so I avoid it. I just do the jeans test.”

Take extra vitamins

“I take vitamins consistently,” says Catriona, an ambassador for Nature’s Way.

“When I first started on Getaway I seemed to catch every cold or always get a bug, until my crew said ‘you gotta get into vitamins’.

“So, I think it’s important to share that knowledge, that taking a probiotic before and during your holiday can really support your body’s immunity.”

Catriona’s beauty basics

She loves Clarins Double Serum, a tip she picked up from flight attendants.

“I love to do really quick facials like the SOS ones (10 minutes while having my brekky) and of course Clarins Beauty Flash is essential,” she says.

“That said, daily olive oil is my saviour too. On salads, directly rubbed into cuticles, a baby’s dry scalp, you cannot beat nature as a cure all.”

Catriona’s tips for smart travelling

  • Never pack anything you’d be upset to lose.
  • If you see it and you love it, just buy it – you won’t be back on Wednesday.
  • Don’t pack any clothing that crushes.
  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Generally the hardest part of your trip will be the journey there, making it through the airport. That’s often the most stressful part of the trip, but the actual holiday itself you’ll be fine, it just works.

catriona's book

The Best of World Cruising by Catriona Rowntree, Hardie Grant, RRP $35.


Written by Claire Burke.

Image: Tina Smigielski; Styling: Rachel Denis; Hair/makeup: Julia Green.