Seven easy ways to keep your wellness goals on track this winter

Don’t let the dip in temperature derail your health and wellness goals with these simple strategies.

Juice it up!

1 large sweet potato
1 crisp apple
2-3cm-nub ginger
2-3cm-nub turmeric
4 large carrots
Pinch of black pepper

Run all ingredients through a juicer and finish with a pinch of black pepper. Drink immediately or store in the refrigerator in a sealed glass jar for one to two days.

Source: Organic Authority

Super Charge with Superfoods

Move over kale and quinoa – there are new superfood superstars on the block this season. Nutritional medicine practitioner Fiona Tuck has divulged her top picks and their uses.

Use avocado oil, which is packed with skin-loving nutrients and vitamin E, not only for cooking but also as a daily moisturiser for soft, supple and glowing skin.

Inulin prebiotic is the next big thing when it comes to gut health and wellbeing. Although it’s a fructan, which is indigestible, the good bacteria in our gut flora flourish in its presence and make it stick to the bowel wall. It will support probiotics, and also help satiate the appetite to aid in weight loss. Pick it up in powder form or get your intake from chicory or Jerusalem artichokes

Forget soaking your almonds overnight. Instead, opt for the sacha inchi nut. It’s easy to digest, rich in essential fatty acids and can be eaten whole or as a powder or oil.

Strikingly different to the artificial jelly, gelatin is being reintroduced as a healthy gut-healing jelly. In fact, gelatin shots could be the next big thing.

Sweet (Potato) Goodness

According to Organic Authority, one cup of sweet potato provides 214 per cent daily value of vitamin A, 52 per cent daily value of vitamin C and impressive amounts of copper, vitamin B6, B3, B1, potassium and biotin.

Stock up on the good kind of sweetness at the supermarket with the versatile and tasty sweet potato. Tempting as fries or mashed, it can also be juiced alongside carrots, ginger and turmeric for a seriously delicious flu buster.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is also a fan, with the vegetable incorporated into menus for astronauts on space missions due to its high nutritional value.

Stay on track

Colder mornings can take their toll on willpower, with the extra chill making it increasingly difficult to bounce out of bed and into the gym. Celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges shares her tips to maintain your motivation.

Incentivise your workouts. “Set up a money jar and throw in a gold coin or two every time you stick to your workout plan,” Michelle says. “At the end of the month or season, you can use that money to spoil yourself with a makeover or new workout gear.”

Buddy up. “Fitness buddies can join you for everything from intense training sessions, to friendly tennis matches, to regular walks,” she says. “Why not invite them into the kitchen every now and then to prepare and share a healthy meal? Swap recipes and cooking tips.”

Create a motivation gallery. “Social media gives us a multitude of channels to express ourselves.  Try creating a gallery on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. You could even create your own blog to record your progress.”

Meal Plan like a Pro

A new season means an abundance of delicious new flavours.

Take some time to revisit and be excited about your meal plan, incorporating fresh offerings. To help you stick to your autumn plan, the Chopra Center recommends having healthy snack-size portions to munch on between meals. Consider smaller containers with seeds, nuts, fresh cut vegies, and fruits to keep you healthy while on the go.

Work Out with a Fresh Fitness Trend

Keep an eye out for this year’s fresh fitness trends.

There’s virtual boxing by The Boxx Method, a high-energy online boxing workout experience; Megaformer – a twist on reformer pilates where a pilates bed has various levers, pulleys and weights – and floating yoga, which involves the same poses that are executed while balancing on a slanting elevated board.

If You Need Some Help Drifting Off to Sleep

At least one-third of adults suffer from significant sleep problems, according to an Australasian Sleep Association study. But now there’s a clever new way to drift off to dreamland, with a San Francisco meditation company developing a clever way to sleep tight.

As well as its line-up of guided meditations, Calm is now offering adult bedtime stories. Each story runs for about 30 minutes and contains original content created by the Calm team, as well as classic tales by well-known authors.

The free version of Calm, which includes three stories, is available in the App Store.

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