The House of Wellness: Winter 2018

Sophie Monk has spent much of her life in front of the cameras, but what is life like for the Aussie personality when they stop rolling?

In The House of Wellness winter magazine cover story, the Love Island host opens up about love, life, what makes her happy, and career longevity.

“I just keep jumping because I get bored,” Sophie says of her long and varied career, which has seen her flourish as a pop singer, actor, reality TV star and media personality.

Of her high-profile stint on The Bachelorette last year, she says she learnt to stand up for herself “and be a bit stronger”.

Also in this edition:

  • Why turning 50 is a good thing.
  • Jo Stanley reveals how she’s learnt to let go, and where her career is headed next.
  • Reality TV star Janet Roach and her son, Jake Zogoolas, talk about the work they’re doing to help burns patients.
  • Famous dads share their thoughts on fatherhood and parenting.
  • Get your goals back on track with our mid-year review.
  • Get the scoop on fructose – is it a friend or foe?
  • How parents can help kids build a healthy body image.

Plus get the hottest winter fashion and beauty looks, heart-warming winter recipes and easy workout moves to brighten up those dreary winter days.

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