A cheat’s guide to male grooming

With men upping the ante in the personal preening stakes, we look at the simple ways men can look their best.

Men’s personal grooming can evidently be overshadowed by a woman’s efforts to get ready in the morning or for a night out.

But with more celebrities and sporting figures endorsing a cleaner look, men are increasingly opting to take care of their outer appearance, too.

It’s all about maintaining the look on a daily basis to avoid the panic prep 10 minutes before a date or job interview.

Angie Macolino, owner of Men’s Body Works hair, beauty and day spa retreat exclusively for men, has this advice to keep males looking their best.


Men, pay close attention to this step. Although very helpful, Macolino says a spray or roll-on deodorant is not the only way to eliminate bad odour.

“The best tip is a diet of low-odour foods. Avoid garlic, onion, pungent spices and fried food.”

For extra freshness, invest in an aftershave that complements your body smell.


Whether you’re rocking the undercut, man bun, topknot or side part, it is important to keep your hair healthy. Hair should be washed every few days to scrub out any wax, gel or dandruff.

Healthy hair is also a dietary issue, Macolino says: “A poor diet will inhibit the growth of hair and it will either fall out or grow very slowly.”


Every morning and night, cleanse with a face washer to reduce the build-up of bacteria.

“Men have very active oil glands and if not cleansed daily, over time the skin can develop blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and enlarged pores.” Afterwards, moisturise with a cream or gel to achieve a pimple-free face with limited blemishes.


If you have one, maintaining a beard can be time consuming but definitely worth the effort. “Trim it regularly. This is essential for removing spilt and dead ends,” Macolino says.

Written by Brooke Grebert-Craig

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